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Classic award booking. I like to book classic award flight with stop over for say 3 days. If I book say BKK-HKG-MEL it required 78K points in business. But then I have to flight via HKG without stopover. If I book “multi-city” and thus can choose how long to stay then it cost me 26K + 65K = 91K points, basically exactly the same as I would book two separate tickets (WTF then I need those stupid “multi-city” booking? Just to be tided up and unable to change second leg once first flown?). So is the question – is anyone know if and how I could book one ticket with few days to stay? Thanks.


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You'd probably have to book it over the phone.


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I think how it work is, the max. time between flights has to be less than 24 hours to pay just 78K. 

Try with a stopover of less than 24h and see if it works. 

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