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Hey, great new site! Now can any of you experts tell me what's the deal with getting an upgrade? Who makes the decision - can the girl at the checkin desk bump me, and does it help if I'm wearing a suit or shirt+tie instead of jeans?



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Nowadays, airlines have got the art of awarding upgrades down to a pretty scientific process -- it's mostly done through frequent flyer programs. If you're willing to trade a large number of points, you can apply for an upgrade, and the airline will advise you at the gate whether it has been approved (depending on whether they have any spare seats left in the class you're upgrading to).

Of course, airlines do still issue discretionary upgrades to travellers with high status, or are working for an important large business client for the airline, and so on. How exactly you secure those is still a black art -- you can read hundreds of pages of forums and still not really find a definite answer.


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Hey Daniel, and welcome to AusBT!

The days of scoring an upgrade through flirting with the frontline staff appear to be over! As Dan notes, it's more scientific - the majority of most of my upgrades simply come from the class I'm in (econony, premium economy or biz) being overbooked, so as a Platinium I'm bumped up.

You hear some people say that wearing business clothes (shirt, tie and even suit) help but I am a doubter on that unless there is much room for discretionary upgrades.



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If you're typically a QF WP, CL or OWE your're at the top of the line for operational upgrades. This is typically when the lower classes are overbooked and they need to move people up.

Upgrades on points (On QF) go in the order CL, WP, SG, PS, NB. Status in QFF is purely what decides your upgrade priority.

On CX, the opup priority is:

  1. VIP (Heads of State, Government Bodies, or Canto Pop/Movie stars)
  2. CX Diamond Plus
  3. CX Diamond Invitation, Diamond
  4. CX Gold
  5. CX management staff on travel duty
  6. oneworld Emerald
  7. CX staff on duty nominees , other airline staff nominees, CX staff on personal travel
  8. oneworld Sapphire
  9. CX Silver
  10. oneworld Ruby
  11. CX Green
  12. Asia Miles
  13. Non status


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OPUP - operational upgrade, I get a DOM OPUP possibly 1 from 10-15 flights, usually (happily) longer flights such as ADL/DRW or SYD/DRW. International flights seldom... :(

Upgrades - I mostly get ODU's when requested, very seldom turned down, and when I do, its because of ticket class.

I'm Qantas Platinum with partner Gold, have been for many years. I usually travel Y on homeward bound flights and cheapest fare bucket on outward bound. I am lucky enough to work for companies who have a >8 hour J policy, so have enjoyed many J flights across the globe



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I'm gold and have been bumped up only once. And that was on a nearly full flight where a passenger in premium economy had a faulty seat so they asked me if I would mind moving into business class and giving my seat to her. Would I mind? Of course not! The only reason I would have been chosen is because I am gold but almost platinum, certainly it wasn't the way I was dressed!


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I once was sat next to a drunk guy travelling on Qantas in Premium Economy from SYD - HKG who got abusive. I complained to the Customer Service Manager and I was moved to Business class. As far as I'm aware, the airlines on really allocate upgrades in exchange for frequent flyer points (as mentioned earlier); for high status members or for other operational reasons E.G. faulty seats etc. (again, mentioned earlier); or if any passengers seated around you are disrupting your journey in any way.

I don't think that wearing a suit and tie are really going to improve your odds of getting a complimentary upgrade by much, but I don't think that showing up in jeans and a t-shirt is going to enhance your chances of getting an upgrade either...

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