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Thoughts on 'Silent' Lounge! I'm literally sitting in the Mel Qantas Club as I'm writing this. I've been trying to have a conversation with my colleague and have had so many interruptions by the boarding announcements. I know QF trialled 'silent' lounge a while ago and I noticed the Singapore lounge doesn't do boarding announcements anymore. Would QF actually consider making this an ongoing policy? I for one support the idea. There are screens displaying flight stats around the lounge (and they can add more if needed) so everyone can clearly see what's going on. And I think it's up to us as passengers to make sure we're at the gate on time. This would make lounges a bit more 'relaxing' given how busy many of them are already.


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I like the idea of no boarding announcements. When it's a busy hub for QF plus JQ and Qantaslink, the thing is going off every 30 seconds. Not to mention the size of the lounge and how busy it is in any case. 


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I am for silent 

I am always aware of my boarding time gate etc

Maybe only broadcast gate changes or delays.


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Silent works well except in delays, people want up to the minute information.

I would like to see the App enhanced with timely push notifications on changes, when to leave the lounge etc.


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I am all for silent lounges.  Can you imagine what the morning bank of departures would be like if DXB wasn't?


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Silent lounges work great for busy airlines like QF... Other lounges with less departures (a few international lounges) I don't mind as the interruptions are minimal..

If only QF would improve the App to have up to date information and when to get moving, like AIR NZ and it would be awesome... I don't really pay attention to announcements anyway, instead keeping an eye on the airport websites.

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