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Quantas.com website, How long has it existed for?

Now before you think I've spelt it wrong no I have not.

Today I was browsing the Westjet website (westjet.com/guest/en/about/airline-partners/) and came across Qantas as an Airline partner and a link to the Qantas website but the link was actually hyperlinked to quantas.com which to my surprise directed me to the normal Qantas homepage.

Firstly its kind of odd that a codeshare partner can't get the partners website correct but also the fact that Qantas have registered the Quantas.com website.


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Makes sense Qantas would also register quantas.com given the staggering amount of people who assume the misspelt name.


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Non Australians may think it has a U, nice to see some Captain of Industry at Qantas spent money on that.


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At least you won't risk mispronouncing Qantas with a U in there....


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Henrus .. it is not 'unusual' for major corporations to register both their own name (qantas) and a regular misspelling / mistyping of their name as an internet domain name. In the second case, a 're-direct' (to the genuine name web domain) is implanted. In this case 'qantas' takes you to the genuine site whereas 'quantas' is redirected to qantas.com

Since within the USA it is a relatively common (spelling) error, the automatic 'redirect' saves the end user from having to look it up on Gogle / Bing etc - and risk losing customer interest. It also limits some 'web abuse'. Think united.com and untied.com. United Airlines wasn't quite forward-thinking enough and has had to contend with the latter being a 'gripe' site.

Microsoft is also another example of a company using redirection. While the name is well-known, familiarity 'often breeds contempt' and the fast typing of some / many often results in mis-typing, so both Microsoft and Hotmail domain names also include a number of variations that get you to the correct site.

Bit sad that Westjet has embedded an incorrect link, particularly given that they are a QF partner and are also the proud owner of a couple of refitted QF B767-300's. I'm surprised that Qantas IT hasn't picked up the error and requested it be changed.


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Wow thanks, Did not know about of the untied.com website which was a quite amazing how long that has lasted (13 years).

Not sure if it's the Qantas IT team's job to pick up other airlines mistakes but at the end of the day the link still works but it just surprised me.

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