Does Qantas customer care really care?

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Does Qantas customer care really care? I sent through a complaint to Qantas customer care over a month ago – it took well over their stated 15 business days to respond. I received a template response with no specific reference to my complaint (which makes me wonder why they didn’t cut and paste earlier). In contrast, when I last sent through a compliment to Qantas, I received a prompt reply and a response that was more personalised (i.e. someone took some time to write it). Anyone else think QCC has lost its care?


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Most definetely they don't care, lets's face it, they have your money, probably had it for weeks or months in advance of your flight.  It once took six weeks for a grumble I once had with Emirates, their answer was not brilliant. Service in this country is very bad.


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This will attract the down arrows but I'd welcome any tangible evidence that I'm wrong.

I'm the same as you superflyer, I compliment when there's exceptional service and I complain when it's substandard. I also try an balance that flying is an emotive experience. It evokes a sense of importance and an expectation rarely held in other facets of life. I think airports can often bring the worst behaviour out of people. I've got a few ideas why but it's a conversation for another day. 

My conclusion, based on years of personal experience, observation and relating this back to a commercial business is that airlines view complaints as an operational hazard. Deep down they probably care a little but is doesn't meet the complainer's expectations (as did the service in the first place.) Any response short of an upgrade or a travel voucher would most likely fall short of what one is expecting. Yes, I'm sure many people would be happy with just a phone call or personalised email, but it's like the airline industry has determined best practice is to stick you on an email chain until you go away. The routinely roll the dice of ending up in or on ACA. I am convinced no one reads these complaints and I'm also convinced the front line staff know this. They sure as hell can't afford to throw out travel vouchers everytime someone feels they haven't been treated fairly - it would happen countless times a day. Nor can they personally attend to every complaint, they'd be completely bogged down. So this email chain becomes a filtering mechanism with the stark relaity being they do not measure the lost business, thus they do not know if this is a good method. But hey, at least the other guys are doing it. A dirty status quo for the industry.

Whilst most staff are great, there's always the ones whose bad behaviour will overshadow the majority. These staff are slipping through the gaps under the assumption that customers complain too much. Not ideal, but an airline that is focused on turning a buck cares more about this than optimum passenger satisfaction. 

lastly, the onset on social media and the industry habit of responsive social media channels. Just hop onto the Jetsar facebook page and look at the nature of complainst. It's a f*cking mine field out there! They're always responsive the goal seems to pacify the angry customer and stop the tide before the post turns viral. The social media team constantly reinforce that they are not part of the operations team by advising they'll pass on the details. They're like a digital concierge. Would love to know social perceptions of how Jetsar handle complaints. Is this an effective tool? Is it a case of keeping up with the jones by maintaining a social media prescence? Does it enhance the brand? Would they be best responding to direct complaints instead of mitigating against the public complaints? They're all philisophical theories on the culture of the business. At the end of the day, they don't care unless it'll cost them and the typical airline business has crafted its metrics to not measure they business they don't have.


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Well, for the past 20 years suburbia have been plagued by all those pesky Airline shows that have popped up, and thats all they show, how to have attitude, bad behaviour and complain and winge, oh, and the foul language with all the beeps, riviting viewing really for some folk.


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I purchased an apple product 6 months ago and still havent been  all credited the points

Perhaps Qantas cant track them , i dont know?

Had a run in with a 'call centre supervisor who  i later  complained about.

They dont seem to know  when they offer bonus points after the event

Have spoken to customer care who got some of the points but i suspect  is a tad frazzled with getting things sorted out .


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