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Good morning all. Wondering if anyone has experience booking South African airways flights and linking to velocity? I'm a velocity platinum and need to fly to Saf (Durban). When I book through the SAA website the adding frequent flyer number is just input (there's no dropdown box with Velocity). Does anyone know if manually typing virgin velocity and adding my VA number works? I can't do the booking through the VA website as Durban isn't an option. Flying SIA is about $1300 more but at least I know I will earn VA points/status credits. Any help would be much appreciated.


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You can always ask them to add your Velocity number at check in. Also I believe you can call VA to book your flights and ask them to waive any extra booking cost since its not available on their website. Make sure to ask them if you can get the flights on VA flight numbers to get the extra points.


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Just call South African and get them to add your number to the booking - 1300 435 972

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Ok thanks for the tips

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