What are the secrets to upgrades.

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What are the secrets to upgrades. Im a QF Platinum member and never get any love!

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Not sure if it still happens but a lot of top tier QFF members were getting some serious love from EK re upgrades, it was like they were trying to steal a few cusomters away!



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I recently come back from Geneva on EK and got upgraded they have done this twice so far for me. 


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David, I've been a QF P level FF for over 10 years straight.  And I now have Platinum status through to July 2017 and lifetime Gold status. It would appear to me that Qantas NEVER give their most frequent flyers 'free' upgrades. The only choice is to apply for points upgrades. I've flown many times on a Qantas booking with other One World carriers and recived 'free' upgrades with those Airlines (e.g., BA has done this many times - even though I have no status with them except One World Emerald). As an aside, I took my last Qantas flight yesterday and I'm switching my flying business to Air NZ who have given me a status match. I'll be doing Perth-Auckland-Houston on Sunday 7/2 with them for the 1st of my regular four trips to the USA per year. For me, Qantas just haven't done enough lately to keep my loyalty anymore and they don't seem to be that bothered about losing 4 business tickets to the USA + 1 or 2 to Uk each year.


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Qantas just have this attitude that they are the ulimate, I don't think so. They may have more signs everywhere and physically take up more space, but's that's not everything. Enjoy Air NZ, it's always been good to me.


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WP is not what it used to be - and you're below CL and Platinum One members.


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And anecdotal evidence suggests that P1 members (at least) receive the occasional op-up. The message "Enjoy your flight, Platinum One Services Team" appears under the 'service information' section of your boarding pass when you get upgraded.


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Hi David,

i am only on Gold QFF and in my first year i was flying SIN to SYD with my wife. I checked in at their QFF premium check in and asked if exit row seatings are available, we were flying economy. We were both upgraded to premium economy without even asking. I think no harm in asking. Esp when flight was packed down the back and they will be upgrading CL/PO/PL/Gold to the front.mgood luck

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