• Hi Chris,  I did ring back the AU number and US number and ask them to search different days. Found one afternoon flight on Friday! The AUS did it (Singaporean accent - maybe diverted there), then tried my luck with US call centre and ended up the same day for biz tix. I requested the book...

  • Hi Chris,  I just rang united AUS number to try to see if i can get SQ business ticket for two adults SYD SIN for april 2017. I was advised that SQ dont give out business class on award ticket for long haul. They have short haul business within Asia available however.  Long haul econom...

  • I just signed up with united mileage plus and can see the offer under buy,transfer, and give miles option.   

  • Qantas double Status Credits promo

    May 09, 2016, 11:42 AM

    Hi David,  I made two bookings during this week, already planned but i pushed the booking day forward due to this promotion. I have already secured my QFF Gold for another 12 months from the targeted promotion previously but this one will help my wife status to silver. 

  • Where can you use QF lounge passes?

    Dec 22, 2015, 11:26 PM

    Hi Obanpointer, Rather than trying your luck, might be best to keep two passess handy on the day. I have few available expiring June July 2016 if you interested.

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  • Hi John, They started scanning the boarding pass few months ago. I was flying with my wife on economy and using unused cards and no problems even after they scanned the boarding pass. Express card in some occasion also given out to passenger who arriving late so they can skip the queues...

  • What are the secrets to upgrades.

    Feb 02, 2016, 09:11 PM

    Hi David,i am only on Gold QFF and in my first year i was flying SIN to SYD with my wife. I checked in at their QFF premium check in and asked if exit row seatings are available, we were flying economy. We were both upgraded to premium economy without even asking. I think no harm in asking. Esp w...

  • Definitely, shops open until 10-11pm at night.I would choose layover during the day because much more things to do without the expense of hotel. Also you have 3 CX business class lounges and two CX first class lounges at HK airport that you can try. I did #loungecrawl there last month and en...

  • Great! Thank you Ryan and Jack.

  • Qantas Gold QFF priority seating Hi, does anyone know how many weeks before the flight Qantas release more priority seating selection for Gold QFF. I can see standard seating available now but most seats are still locked.

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