Has any body experienced a transit problem with Cathay at Hong Kong

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Has any body experienced a transit problem with Cathay at Hong Kong


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I have flown with Cathay many times through Hong Kong and have not experienced any transit problems. This also applies to return flights from Europe. It can be quite busy at times when going through security at transit, so I suggest you be very organised and have your passport, boarding pass, and so on, in order and ready to go. Unfortunately, you can't control what other passengers do which can delay things. I also try to ensure that I have adequate time between flights, but that's something I have done all my years of travelling. By the way, HK airport runs very smoothly.


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I have transmitted in HKG on several flights to Japan from PER.  The timing in HKG has often been tight, like less than an hour.  Up until the most recent trip it was easy enough, but in Jan our flight out of Perth was delayed (due to a late inbound) and we were unable to make the connecting flight.  CX gave us a couple of options to compete the journey and put us up in the airport Mariott overnight.    In effect we were only a few hours late to our destination.  While a longer connection time would be desirable, I would not hesitate to book the same flights.


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What have you transmitted?


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Mm, the typos are so much easier to see the instant you hit post.  


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I have had some tight connections but they have been assisted by the transit staff on the ground who meet you at the arriving gate and then take you on a buggy to the front of transit security and then another buggy above streight to the gate. That was several years ago but I doubt its changed or at least it didn't look like it last month when I was in Hong Kong.


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The raison d'être of airports like HKG is to transit passengers effectively and efficiently.

Would you care to elaborate on the circumstance, which you feel may present a problem?


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My parents flew CX yesterday BNE-HKG onward to India,, they had a transit time of one hour. Inbound flight was delayed by 90mins. Flight to HKG caught up and they landed 30mins later than scheduled. They were booked for the next day with another airline to fly and an overnight accomodation organised all ready for them as they walked out of the aircraft. I couldn't be anymore thankful. 


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Made many Cathay Pacific transits at Hong Kong, two in particular were very tight due to late arrival of my inbound flight and I seriously doubted that my checked luggage would make it onto the next flight – I mean, as a rather rushed passenger I barely made it myself – but both times CX came through, in fact I alerted them to the issue and on each occasion a crew member came up to me once I'd settled into my seat and before the flight departed to advise me that yes, my bags had been loaded.


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Have to agree with most of the above. I have had a couple of tight connections (<90 minutes) at Hong Kong flying with Cathay and have always made the connecting flight easily. It's just a matter of finding the closest transfer point, going through security and then head upstairs to your gate. 

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