Qatar Airways to fly to Brisbane?

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From reading different articles lately about qatar airwyas to Sydney, it mentions Brisbane as a new potential destination. Does anyone think Australia will increase traffic rights to Qatar?


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The Australia/Qatar Air Service Agreement was increased from 14 to 21 weekly flights last October. It is possible it will increase to 28 next October as the Mainland China and UAE agreements have yearly increases for the next 2-3 years.

Unless the agreement increases, QR can not go to BNE without cutting flights to SYD/MEL/PER. On the other hand, they could start flights to OOL (or CNS, TSV, DRW, CBR, etc) whenever they want.


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Your point regarding, TSV, OOL, DRW is an interesting one. The govt should look at allowing airlines who start new routes into Australia can continue the service thorough to SYD, MEL, etc and sell domestic capacity as well to add value to the service. It is already getting to the point where services will start to stagnate as slots are full, secondary ports could become a useful way to increase capacity and competition. But hey this is Australia, competition ain't our strong point.


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Himeno will probably know more, but I understand airlines that fly to an airport outside the big 4 (bne, per, mel, syd) first can then continue onto one of the big 4 airports without it being counted towards their allocated traffic rights. I think Cathay does this with Cairns/Bne and used to do it with ADL/MEL.

They can't do pick up rights for domestic though. But I'm not sure of many markets where that is allowed that in any case and I personally wouldn't support this unless crew were being treated as per Australian conditions.


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How are bilateral traffic rights agreed upon? Are there pre-defined thresholds on capacity according to global standards or is each bilateral agreement unique? Is capacity defined with respect to the size of the  population of the countries involved? If not, could countries with smaller population be "over represented" and distort the market between two third party countries, which is served by that airline?

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