Is an APEC Business Card worthwhile?

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Is an APEC Business Card worthwhile? I am about to start a new project where I will be flying to China, India & Singapore about five or six times a year each and was wondering is it worthwhile getting an APEC business card? I know that the APEC card does not cover India but am just trying to reduce the number of visas I need. I have both a British & Australian passport to make things easier. Or am I better off just getting several multiple entry business visas? How long does it take for the APEC process? I already have lots of expired visas for the countries APEC serves



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it is definetely well worth getting this card. It will change from country to country how long it takes, but normally you can follow online which countries have already agreed. This way you can get a temporary card if you want to start using it before all countries have approved you. I had mine in Hong Kong and it took about 2 months.

Many countries will allow you to stay a longer period and also some will have a fast lane at immigration and security.


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It DOES NOT Apply to India.  It is well worth having , especailly for China as you get around the need for visas AND can go in the Diplomatic Queue at immigration. I am almost at the end of my third card . They have been three yaers but now they are five yewars I believe. IF you have need to go to Russia, the process is much better than applying for visas with all the "invitations" etc. required.

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