• Be careful. Your argument is a slippery slope.  Why should non smokers pay for the medical costs of smokers. Why should singles pay more tax than couples who chose to have kids? ............... Why should those singles have to pay taxes to fund schools?

  • WA is hardly bigger than SA. No thought of building up Adelaide is there.

  • 1000 beds is not even one days incoming passengers. Once the International border is opened, our wonderful Premier will be the emperor without clothes. Remember, the Feds own the land that the airports occupy. States are impotent in that respect. She will just have to get out of the way of the th...

  • This might well be totally irrelevant anyway.  I am long term Platinum however, with the weakening of links with Delta and lack of metal between here and anywhere else, looks like my QF Platinum is way more valuable and worth preserving.

  • When are they gonna figure it out???    I am waiting until I see what INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS they have before I start accumulating too many points and status Credits. I have friends doing the same ..... (PLATINUM MEMBER for about 7 years)

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  • VA Business product

    Mar 18, 2021, 04:01 PM

    BNE-ADL-PER-BNE (J) a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely dreadful. 6am start at PER with almost nothing available in the lounge then disgraceful offering onboard. Even the "snacks" were cheap and not very cheerful. Anything will be an improvement.

  • Originally Posted by Shawn Seems an awful lot of whinging over the decidedly first world problem of possibly having to wait a couple minutes for a toilet. As pointed out above thank God youre not in economy like most people. COUPLE OF MINUTES. it must be a very long time since you have tried t...

  • VA status for AirNZ Elite?

    Aug 21, 2018, 03:41 PM

    FYI I checked with VA about lounge access in WLG or AKL for international flights in December and there was no answer available. Perhaps they will resort to a $20 voucher LOL.

  • I am not sure why the (airline) focus on time of leaving. Lots of people are connecting from "elsewhere" so the local time in SIN of HKG is irrelevant. Perhaps the best way forward is to extend Online preordering to allow people to "opt out" and get some sleep whilst others can be in whatever ...

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