Your opinions on #FlyDubaiGate?

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Your opinions on #FlyDubaiGate?

Yes I am asking this the second time as it fell down the list.

Hi, after having read about the recent situation of FlyDubai and Emirates pilots being fatigued and overworked, I was wondering what the AusBT community has to say on this matter. Thank you!

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Hardly appropriate for people outside the industry to be commenting on this issue, with most members here being passengers with no real idea about aviation inner working


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If it is true, then it is quite worrisome, as even though most of us are passengers, we are their responsibility, and our safety is in their hands. If it turns out to be exagerrated or not entirely true, then perfect, great, we can all still fly on Emirates, Etihad and Qatar etc with no worries or concerns. However, is it not better to be safe then sorry, if i was looking at going to Europe or needing a connection, I would seriously reconsider whether I would choose any of those three aforementioned purely on the basis that this could be quite serious and worrisome. Just my 2cents. 


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Considering FlyDubai and Emirate's safety record, I take these fatigue complaints with very little concern as of now. I suppose I support a change for less tiring schedules for pilots, but until there is more evidence I don't believe I'll use my voice to shout for the change. Besides, if pilot fatigue was a severe problem I don't think it would have taken a crash for it to become international news.

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