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Have you noticed in some publications when Reviewers rate an Air route they travel on, that the fare is paid by the hosting airline? How can that be Kosher?


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I think that almost every publication which reviews a flight does so on an airfare paid by the airline simply because there's no way they could afford to pay for it themselves, unless it's a writer flying economy on their own holiday!

How can it be 'kosher'? Well you have to accept that the writer is going to write a fair report and not be swayed by the 'free' flight. I suppose some publications are more trustworthy than others. If they don't report honestly you won't trust them in future.


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Yes but surely the Airline word up their staff in advance that someone is reviewing them that day?


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Of course! Hence read the review with a (liberal) pinch of salt.


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Not always, and even if they did, that can't change core elements such as the seat, comfort and arguably some meals. Journalists are trained to be impartial, and our first duty in reporting is to the readers who create the audience which advertisers want to reach. For us it's all about being fair, balanced and objective.


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Which was my point yesterday with the whole travelex 'saga'. But at the end of the day, I've read enough reviews here to see that Ausbt mentions positives and negatives...

But let's take a reality check for 2 seconds... this is Ausbt, they are reviewing airlines and associated products. This is not investigative journalism. They are not exposing corruption or going to change the world. Whether the airline pays for the seat or not, who really cares?

There is enough information out there that we can do our own research. I come here because I find out information pretty quickly, I appreicate the manner reviews are written and the photos that come with them. If a product gets a good review, it will never be the sole reason why I buy that product.

I'm not sure where this current "transparency push" came from... but seriously, surely there are more important things to worry about.

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I'm yet to see an overly negative review on a flight where the 'journalist' (term used loosely) was a paid guest of the airline. 

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