Qantas Gold FF on Jetstar SYD-DPS.

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Qantas Gold FF on Jetstar SYD-DPS.


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Sorry ran out of characters,

I am flying SYD-DPS on Jetstar. I am a Qantas Gold FF what services can I access? (Lounge, Business Check-in). The Qantas website is quite unclear about Jetstar flights. 



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You can access the Qantas Business Lounge, but there's no priority check-in, priority boarding or free baggage allowance for being Gold.


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Don't expect any recognition of QFF level on Jetstar. I have to fly them between Auckland and Wellington quite often and they don't care who you are - everyone gets the Jetstar experience!


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A bit sad, since Qantas own Jetstar.

Might be worth flying Air NZ


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"A bit sad, since Qantas own Jetstar."

In that case, I'd hate to break the news to U that many more similar 'sad' stories already exist worldwide including quite a few SkyTrax 5* premium brands.  VA Holdings owns Tiger AU, HNA Group/Hainan Air owns HK Xpress+LuckyAir, SQ Group owns Tiger+Scoot, NH Group owns Vanilla+Peach, KE Group owns JinAir, IAG/BA owns Vueling, LH Group owns Eurowings, AC owns AC Rouge, etc., etc.  In every 'ownership' case, little to no FFP status perks for pax @ the FSC(Full Service Carrier) brand are shared /implemented by its  LCC brand exactly like QF vs JQ.

Why do we think QF Group went thru the trouble to create JQ(Not a cheap investment that could hv been used on QF) in the 1st place?  Just to let consumers pick & choose the same candy under diff wrappings?  The 2 brands are intended to target 2 completely diff mkt segments /pax needs(e.g. FFP perks).  If QF and JQ offer mostly the same FFP perks, there'll be no rational justifications for both to exist.


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As above, no love! Although last time I flew jetsar I landed in 1A with extra legroom which I can only assume is due to my gold status. 


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SYD-DPS you will fly on the 787, so don't expect an upgrade :( . Unless you buy Jetstars max bundle you won't get into the lounge for your return flight.

If you have a priority pass or ANZ frequent flyer black card then you will get in. Not much there. Beer some wine scotch and vodka. A varity of food but i sugest not to eat.

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