Singapore / SilkAir flight change rigmarole.

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Singapore / SilkAir flight change rigmarole. Minor rant



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We were booked SIN - RGN on Silk Air, leaving at 12:00 hrs, which had us arriving in RGN in time for an afternoon excursion. Subsequently got an email from SQ saying the flight was now changed to 15:50 - too late for our excursion. OK, we'll change to an earlier flight - went to "Manage your booking" but couldn't access the flight as it had been changed. "Your local SQ office will contact you shortly" - but they never did.

Emailed SQ asking for a change and got a polite request to ring their 24 hr help line. (Ostensibly here in Oz). After the usual wait I was told that the change had to be made through the Singpaore office (in SIN) but they would call me within 72 hours. They didn't

I eventually rang the SIN office, pressed the appropriate number to enquire about Silk Air bookings and finally got to speak to a human. After much faffing around he said that he couldn't help me as I needed to speak to Silk Air and he is SQ. WTF?  He promised that Silk Air would call me - I explained that I was getting tired of the runaround, so he managed to get a Silk Air guy on the line quickly and the issue was resolved.

OK, it all got sorted, but... why didn't they contact me as promised? Why couldn't they respond to my email request? Why couldn't the Australian office make the change? Why didn't they ever once call me back as promised? Why, when I pressed the appropriate number for Silk Air reservations, did I get put through to an SQ person who couldn't help me?

Why is it all so hard?



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Absolutely hate that!

I feel your pain!

But to compare and contrast with CX/KA - yes it's two different airlines, but you deal with the same front end. It is absolutely seamless.

I have no idea why SQ/MI creates all this hassle for themselves. I'm sure its not even union related issues as the union in that country is run by the government, who is a significant shareholder of the airline. So there we go.

Mystery of mysteries. The SQ and MI quagmire.


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As many eminent p[eople have said in the past, life wasn't meant to be easy.  However, with the airline industry being one of the biggest service industries in the world, and with the state of electronic communications available around the world now, i wholeheartedly agree with you.

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