How to get free Qantas stickers for iOS 10 iMessage

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Qantas has released a free set of ‘stickers’ for the upgraded iMessage app in Apple's new iOS 10 for iPhones and iPads. These stickers work like those in Facebook Messenger, you can insert them into messages to send to friends who are also running iOS.

There are 11 different Qantas-designed stickers including an aircraft, flight attendant, a pilot’s hat and even a pair of business class pyjamas. No new first class PJs though :(

Getting the stickers is a bit of a trick so here are the steps to follow, assuming you’ve already updated your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10.

1. Open iMessage and create a new message or a new reply to somebody.

2. At the bottom of the screen are three icons: a camera, a heart with two fingers on it, and the App Store icon. Tap the App Store icon.

3 Now tap the + Store icon, which should be showing at the bottom of the iMessage screen. If it isn’t, tap the little icon showing four squares at the bottom left corner of the iMessage screen and you’ll see the + Store icon pop up.

4. The + Store icon opens the new iMessage App Store which is already full of stickers. Some cost money but most are free. Tap the Search icon at the top-left corner of the screening enter QANTAS and the sticker set will appear.

5. Tap the GET button and they’ll be downloaded to your device.

6. Switch back to your new message in iMessage, tap the App Store icon and this time you should see a Qantas Sticker icon. Tap that to show the sticker set.

7. You’ll see the first few stickers; to see the full set of stickers, tap the ^ icon at the bottom-right corner.

8. Tap any sticker and it’s inserted into your message!

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