How to buy/top-up Opal card using American Express

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Chris C.

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If you try to order an Opal public transport card online or buy/top-up at the station vending machines, you'll only be able to pay by Visa or MasterCard.

However, if you visit a Woolworths or 7-Eleven which does Opal, you can buy/top-up there using AMEX with no surcharge. ;)

It's particularly helpful at Town Hall station where Woolworths has a dedicated top-up counter at the front of their store, so you can still top-up at the station without going out of your way.

And of course, if your credit card gives bonus points on supermarket transactions (such as the AMEX Platinum Edge), you'll earn those extra points on your Opal recharges too. ;)


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Thx for ther tip

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