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I'm confused. 

I recently did some travelling on Bangkok Airways while in Asia and found that I couldn't add the travel to my QF FF account.

The article above says they'll let you earn points while flying with BKK Air, and the QF website still let's you book codeshare flights with BKK Air. 

The Oneworld QF page says that they're a codeshare agreement with BKK Air.

Yet, QF FF team say "We're unable to credit you with points on this occasion as your travel was on a codeshare flight marketed by an airline that is not a partner or affiliate of Qantas Frequent Flyer."

I didn't book the flights through the QF website for a couple of reasons but I guess that would have got the points credit for the trip. 

Wouldn't have got a huge amount of points for this anyway, but it's more the principle of the matter that bothers me.

Did they recently divorce their codeshare agreement??


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