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  • I'd expect Virgin would be more likely to grab those planes and crew than Rex. They would use them on their existing routes though. As evidenced by their Adelaide - Bali route being suspended due to not enough available capacity.

  • Not going to happen.

  • This news is popping up in numerous sites in the past few days. It doesn't appear to be confirmed as VA themselves haven't published anything though, but if it is happening and is just in the negotiation ph...

  • Android app disappeared?

    Aug 04, 2023, 09:03 PM

    Hi, Probably last year sometime I downloaded the Executive Traveller app on Android which has worked great to be able to see new posts etc...I found that it's dissapeared from the store now though. Will this be returning or is it back to the website only?Thanks.

  • Originally Posted by Serg Originally Posted by Joe Originally Posted by Serg Originally Posted by Joe Qantas doesn't have a true first class. Deluxe Business class yes. You'll need to set your expectations despite the amount of points or money you've spend, which wont equate. Last editedby Joe at...

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