• I don't understand why Qatar is sending both an A350 and an 777 to Sydney and out of Sydney at the same time together each day now. It would have to be cheaper to send the single A380 instead wouldn't it?

  • What i don't understand is how QF are handling using only the 787 for all their flights at the moment. Their pilots for the remaining A380, 747 that QF still owns will lose their rating after not flying for more than 3 months unless they're hitting the simulators regularly. I know that the bigger...

  • I have a flex ticket upgraded to business for an upcoming conference which has now been cancelled. Would they refuse to refund an flex ticket too? As that ticket type comes with a full refund if cancelled. Unlike the other ticket types. Not bothered about the minor points used for the business up...

  • I wonder how Virgin Cruises is surviving. Considering they only just launched. Have they actually had a sailing yet? As i thought they were starting in April. I expect ships are more expensive than planes to maintain when sitting around idle.

  • To be expected from all airlines. I wonder how

  • Velocity - cash out points?

    Mar 24, 2020, 04:49 PM

    VA will be fine. The media are beating it up more to get headlines like they always do.

  • QF2 new route

    Mar 24, 2020, 04:45 PM

    Would be logical that BA16 would stop in BKK instead which isn't locked out is it?? Seems the best choice as the 777 wouldn't have the range to get from Darwin I expect.

  • VA isn't going anywhere. Their primary owners aren't going to throw away their investment, and don't need to. They're now getting into a substantially better financial position than they have been in for a while/ever. The key is that the private shareholders have majority ownership whereas the pu...

  • Originally Posted by modog I was to fly SYD-LAX on QF17 in first class and I woke up the morning on the flight to see that the incoming flight was delayed 24 hours due to tech issues. I proactively called Qantas who offered me a business class alternative on AA or to fly out the following morning...

  • VA are generally substantially cheaper and better for biz class flights domestically than Qantas. Overall Virgin has a much better value for money service than qf I find.