Qantas A220 - seatback screens and Wifi

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Will Qantas’ A220 fleet have seatback IFE screens in economy? (Not the cheap iPad ‘duct tape’ option - but purpose-built IFE screens installed on every seat) What about fast and free wifi?

If Qantas wants to seize a very lucrative opportunity to set a high standard for short-haul travel, make real progress in restoring customer satisfaction and dwarf its competitors such as the VA 737 MAX (which has no IFE at all), then ensuring the presence of seatback screens, tip to tail, on the A220s would be a very good start, along fast and free wifi


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Not going to happen.


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WiFi is definitely possible but it will be BYOD. It is very unlikely they will go for IFE screens. They add weight and cabin crew hate having to deal with faulty units and the associated angst.


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Qantas is going through the whole full service prices with budget fitouts and provisions. They really need their lobbying powers stripped.

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