You can now book ANA flights with Virgin Australia Velocity Points

The Virgin-ANA partnership gains new wings, although lounge access for Velocity Golds and Platinums remains TBA.

By Chris Ashton, September 8 2023
You can now book ANA flights with Virgin Australia Velocity Points

Virgin Australia’s partnership with Japan’s All Nippon Airways is going from strength to strength: from today, you can book seats on ANA flights using Velocity Points.

This applies to all ANA flights to and from Australia, including codeshares with a VA flight number - and Perth-Tokyo flights, which restart from October 2023 – along with the rest of the Star Alliance member’s flights to over 130 destinations across Japan and around the world.

Being able to snap up ANA reward seats with Velocity Points comes on top of the previous ability to earn points and status credits on ANA flight.

Velocity Gold and Platinum members can also enjoy priority check-in, priority baggage and additional checked baggage allowance on selected ANA flights, although for now, Velocity access to ANA lounges is not included in the Virgin-ANA alliance.

Virgin’s partnership unlocks ANA benefits across a dozen domestic connections for travellers within Japan to Sapporo, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka-Itami, Kochi, Osaka-Kansai, Kumamoto, Nagoya, Nagasaki, Oita, Okinawa and Miyazaki.

The latest ANA partnership expansion closely follows the June debut of Virgin Australia’s non-stop Cairns to Tokyo-Haneda connection, which, after a brief spell on the older Boeing 737-700, is now jetting off on the Boeing 737 MAX.

Virgin's new 737 MAX takes wing on the route from July 30.
Virgin's new 737 MAX takes wing on the route from July 30.

Here’s a brief rundown of the Virgin-ANA partnerhip so far:

Earning Velocity Points on ANA flights

Earning Velocity frequent flyer points on partner airlines is a highly appreciated perk. The bolstered Virgin-ANA partnership now allows travellers to:

  • Earn Velocity Points when flying on ANA-operated flights with a NH or VA flight number, when flying to Japan, Asia, Europe and all other destinations in the ANA network.
  • Supercharge their rewards balance with Bonus Points on top of base earnings. Silver members earn 50% bonus, Gold 75% and Platinum members 100%.
ANA flies twice daily between Sydney and Tokyo.
ANA flies twice daily between Sydney and Tokyo.

The exact number of points earned varies according to fare class and flight number, as well as your Velocity status. Here’s the earning table for hoovering up Velocity Points on a VA flight number.

To put that into perspective, a VA-coded business class flight between Sydney and Tokyo would earn you 9,726 Velocity Points, versus just 4,863 if you paid for a Flex fare. 

For comparison, this is how many points you’ll earn on an NH flight number:

Using Sydney to Tokyo as an example, an NH-coded flight in business class J would earn 7,294 Velocity Points, while a seat in premium economy G would nab you 4,863 points. With that in mind, booking your flight with a VA code is definitely the way to go. 

Virgin notes points cannot be earned on the following:

  • Reward Seat bookings
  • Charter Flight bookings
  • Fare classes other than as specified in the tables above
  • Codeshare flights (other than an ANA operated flight with a VA flight number or a Virgin Australia operated flight with an NH flight number)
  • Upgraded fares: Members travelling on upgraded fares that were purchased with Points or by bidding for an upgrade will earn as per the rules of the original fare class purchased.

Velocity Points redemption on ANA flights is expected to take off soon.

The Virgin-ANA partnership unlocks flights to 130 destinations.
The Virgin-ANA partnership unlocks flights to 130 destinations.

Earning Velocity Status Credits on ANA flights

Looking to bolster your Velocity Status Credits tally on an ANA-operated flight? You’re now well placed to do so. The exact rates are as follows on tickets with a VA flight number:

And the below for ANA operated flights featuring a NH code:

Jetting between Sydney and Tokyo in business class on a VA-coded flight would earn you 160 status credits, the same as travelling with an NH flight number. 

Status credits cannot be earned on all flights. See the Points section above for exclusions.

Booking Velocity reward seats on ANA flights

All Nippon Airways follows the same Velocity partner reward table as Etihad Airways, Air Canada and Singapore Airlines, in addition to Qatar Airways

Based on the above, a one-way flight between Sydney and Tokyo – a distance of 4863 miles – narrowly falls inside zone 6, meaning you’d need a minimum of 78,000 Velocity points for a seat in business class. Taxes, fees and carrier charges are on top.

Using Tokyo as a springboard, a one-way business class flight up to Frankfurt would require at least 92,000 Velocity points, with the 5,831-mile journey sitting within zone 7.

Sadly, the ability to book ANA reward seats using Velocity points online is not yet available. Instead, they can only be booked by contacting the Virgin Australia Membership Contact Centre between 7:30am and 10:30pm AEDT.

In Australia, that number is 13 18 75, while Kiwis call 0800 230 875. 

Velocity status benefits when travelling on ANA

Hold a shiny Velocity Silver, Gold or Platinum frequent flyer card in your wallet?

You can now enjoy several status benefits – such as priority check-in, boarding and increased luggage allowance for Gold and Platinum members – on the following ANA flights:

  • ANA-operated flights between Australia and Japan with a VA or NH flight number
  • ANA-operated flights within Japan with a VA flight number

More details can be found on the Velocity website.

Gold and Platinum Velocity members are the biggest winners.
Gold and Platinum Velocity members are the biggest winners.

Velocity access to ANA airport lounges

Lounge access is currently excluded from the Virgin Australia-ANA partnership for Velocity Golds and Platinums, although it may be added at a later date.

If it does eventually come through, this will likely cover ANA-operated locations in Narita, Haneda, Kansai and Honolulu.

ANA doesn’t have its own lounges in Australia, relying on the lounges of fellow Star Alliance members such as Air New Zealand Singapore Airlines, so this doesn’t change the loungescape for Velocity Golds or Platinums heading overseas.


11 Jul 2014

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Several interesting things here, after checking on Sunday to upload my glory digits on 6 ANA flights and wasn't able to this comes a great benefit now. The other point is it's starting to look like the cost of members going into any international lounge and meals on "most international flights" isn't a cost VA is willing to bare. 



03 May 2013

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Wouldn't it just be easier to code share with ANA to Japan then? Why subject pax to 9 grueling hours on a 737 flying your own metal there. I wouldn't be flying a max that far.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

04 Nov 2017

Total posts 313

Due to a commercial arrangement with the Queensland State Government and the Cairns Airport under the Attracting Aviation Investment Fund (AAIF), where those flights are partially funded for a contracted period.  

If it wasn't for said funding, it'll be more likely that VA owners would've let the Haneda slot lapse back in March of this year.

30 May 2014

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While any subsidy from the Queensland Government will help, I am sure VA's major motivation for starting the Cairns-Haneda flight was to not lose  access on one of the most difficult authorities in the world to obtain. Had VA surrendered the authority, Qantas would have snapped it up without any competition.

What I find ironic about Haneda access for Australian based carriers is these additional rights were granted based on applications from Qantas and Virgin for MEL-HND and BNE-HND respectively. Neither carrier is using the authority on the routes they initially intended. (Qantas will move to double daily SYD-HND in October, with Brisbane and Melbourne flights redirected to Narita). Both Japanese carriers have concentrated their HND-Australia authorities to Sydney.

Given how restrictive and limited Haneda access is, a daily Cairns-Haneda 737 does not improve the competitive landscape.

This is folding out in the US at present. Those Haneda slots are so prized and Delta's request to use its Haneda authorities for other routes to those which the authorities were granted have been rejected (and heavily opposed by UA and AA).

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

26 Jun 2011

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Premium Economy still doesn't seem to be an option with any of the VA international partners that offer it when booking through the VA website or VA Business Flyer portal - only business, flex or choice.  If you want that option you need to book through each individual airline's website.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

11 Dec 2016

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Re: premium economy. It came up as an option when I was booking SQ flights recently. So PE is available via VA.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

26 Nov 2012

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OK brains trust, what do you reckon would happen for a VA FF flying on ANA via HND to the US on a UA ticket all on ANA metal except 2 US dom flights?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 Nov 2019

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Is anyone having issues with ANA 'manage my booking' accepting your Velocity number? 


11 Jul 2014

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Yes Several times it failed to load

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 Nov 2019

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Thank you, still can't enter, shall call ANA. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Sep 2012

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Hoping with this codeshare agreement that ANA launches more flights to more cities in Australia, even if the flights land in Narita. The prices QF are charging are absolutely ridiculous and needs competition to bring airfares down. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 Nov 2019

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Anyone wanting to go to Japan, we picked up for two different trips return Sydney Haneda business fares (P class) at $3045 pp return. Called super fares, via ANA website. Not sure if still avaibale but hunt for them. Travelling Nov 23 and March 24 

Yet again Virgin treats lounge access as the 'poor cousin' of a partnership. The airline needs to get serious in arranging seamless consistent lounge access right across the board, or this is the same try-hand patchwork alliance which Virgin had last decade, compared to the transparency and confidence you get when flying with an airline that's part of a real alliance.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

04 Nov 2017

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It was quoted that the current VA is saving $ on lounge access where possible with their 'value carrier' approach since stepping down from the 'full service' model post-bankruptcy.  

Basically, VA is a hybrid 'value carrier' in the same mould as their Indonesian/Malaysian rivals the Batik Air group, both provide LCC/BoB in Y with a recliner J cabin and a FF program with limited lounge services as part of their 'value' approach.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

05 Apr 2019

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Cautious to take any MAX flight much less for 9 hours. No VA metal for me to Japan. Picked up a reasonable price return for next year in May this year on JAL. With an agent significantly cheaper than JAL direct.

Cathay Pacific - Asia Miles

27 Nov 2012

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Actually the Cairns to Haneda flight is 7 hours, it’s 9 hours from Brisbane.

16 Feb 2017

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Please ANA - add Melbourne to your network !

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