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Hi All, it appears only CX are allowing their passengers to use the intown checkin at Hong Kong Station.

Has anyone noticed this or is this a post covid change? It was always a perfect way to drop bags and either head to the airport early or more time in the city.


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Unfortunately it's just CX at the intown checkin in Hong Kong. Plus it's just self self kiosks with rather unhelpful staff tending to the machines.

I don't think they will bring back the full offering any time soon. They claim it's due to lack of staff, but this seems to be an excuse for what's likely a massive cost saving.


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We were in HKG a couple of weeks ago, and really missed having the in town check in (travelling on QF). Our flight timing was such, and our hotel location such, that it was still a pretty easy ride with out suitcases on the Airport Express

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