• I know the HK routes are profitable, but I'll be so upset to see them cut SYD & MEL to HKG.VA J is hands down the best option on these routes.

  • Super late dinners on flights is one of my pet hates! I recently took a CX flight out of HK a few weeks back departing at 2am. Dinner was served around 3am and I was astounded the amount of people that wanted to eat at that time! Imagine if you were shook awake at home at 3am and someone tried to...

  • Do you guys have any more information on the potential to upgrade VS flights with Velocity Points? That would be a fabulous perk if it was implemented!

  • Qantas Airbus A380 for Sydney-Tokyo

    Jun 06, 2019, 06:15 PM

    There are only 3 flights a day on the HND-ICN route. Almost all run HND-GMP. But I can't imagine GMP hosting any A380 flights.

  • CX have been doing this type of thing for Asia Miles customers too. Funnily enough their last flight was to Japan also.