• They are both acting like children

  • I'm curious - that's 8 flights per week to Oz. Who would these be aimed at ? The number of Australian's able to travel is tiny, and our borders are fairly restricted at the moment. Is it about Aussie expats coming home from HK ??

  • The original article was posted saying 26 hours plus. It now says 24hrs - has been quietly changed in the past 2 hours.

  • Where do you get 26 hours + from ?? 23 hrs 50 minutes heading over and 22 hours 30 minutes coming back.

  • And unfortunately, SQ haven't taken the approach that QF have done of extending status levels by a year - so with the virus having taken out a third of this financial year and who knows how much of next - we lose our status. (And probably expiring points as well). Pretty mean me thinks.

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