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  • Supertech, Victoria's number one Andrews ticket holder

  • Thanks Doc, you've inspired me to get out for my daily exercise. So true everything you said, and of course the quiet monster is suicide, make sure all of your mates male or female are ok if living alone everyone! Not a good legacy left by the incumbent Premier, his kids must be ashamed.

  • Buy Australian, buy Australian, Buy Australian we have an inept PM who has no clue of manufacturing (not his fault, he is an ad exec etc) our country will never recover unless we encourage local manufacturing, anything from locally roasted coffee to locally owned dairy. As an example PURA, yoplai...

  • Long time on hold for Qantas

    Feb 27, 2020, 06:42 PM

    Two hours

  • Will I retain 50% status credit bonus on previously booked business saver Qantas flight Mel to Sin return if I change flight dates and pay $400 fee?Thank you for anyone who can answer.

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