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I'm flying MEL to LST on a Dash-8 aircraft, then 4 days later I have a separate booking HBA to SIN connecting in MEL (I live in Singapore).  When I checked my baggage allowance for the MEL to LST flight with Qantas's call centre they said that because my flights are on separate tickets, i'm limited to one 23kg bag; if all flights were booked on a single ticket i would get the international baggage limit on all flights (i'm a platinum FF).  Operator said nothing could be done in my case unless i wanted to rebook flights on a single ticket at my cost.  This policy seems devoid of logic and unnecessarily punishes travelers who aren't aware of the need to (or can't) book all flights on a single ticket. Does anybody know if this is actually Qantas's policy and has anybody else had this experience with a Dash-8 flight as part of larger itinerary? 


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All of Qantas dash 8 services are limited to one bag weighing no more then 23kg regardless of QFF status. If they were booked on one ticket then you would get international baggage limits.


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Sorry, not seeing why this is a Qantas issue. 

They go out of their way to publish simplified rules about what you can and can't check as domestic vs international flights. 

You have a domestic booking with published baggage limits, then at a later date (on a completely separate booking), a dom/intl booking whereby the intl baggage limits flow down to domestic. 

Read the booking T&C's, read the page that outlines what you can and can't check. 

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