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Hi all, 

Just wondered if anyone had any recent experience with US airlines (AA specifically) post the new carry-on luggage sizing rules. Obviously travelling business class on qantas to the US gives you a fair amount of carry-on but have the airlines been making you check this for internal flights even if you are on domestic business (say LA to NYC or Dallas to Washington)? A lot of carry-on that adds up to qantas' 115cm doesn't quite fit the 23x36x56 for AA. What have people been doing for their internal US flights after coming into LA/SF/Dallas?


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The airline in the States sucks, you have to check-in your bag in AA even this bag categorized as carry-on on QF. They've told me you have to check your bag when I was traveling from JFK to LAX on A321T First Class.


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My experience is not so bad as the first answer on this thread. 

My rolling carry on is a bit outside AA published denensions. I have not been given any trouble and I've never been asked to squeeze it into a sizer or anything like that. 

That said, enforcement of rules is inconsistent on US carriers. I'm not surprised that an agent at check in would take a strict approach, but it hasn't been my experience and AA is my primary carrier. 

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