• The two middle seats seems so far away when traveling with a companion. Anyone else like to sit one in front of the other , or across the aisle when traveling as a pair?

  • AA is doing the same. As others have mentioned, it's bad enough that you can't through check across alliance partners on seperate PNRs anymore. Not being able to do so on the same airline is too far. 

  • I realize this question is a bit off topic, but I'm going to ask anyway since the article makes reference.What's the deal with the Ritz Carlton Millenia. It gets great reviews and this article refers to it as "6 star"I haven't stayed there as it doesn't count toward my Marriott elite qualifying n...

  • Can one earn Asia Miles and for instance status credits for QF or EQMs on AA while flying on CX? As an example, SQ allows you to earn PPS value toward that scheme while crediting miles to an account with another *A or partner airline. I know that's not an exact parrellel.   Thanks

  • Agreed. The JAL version of this is great! Hope more airlines the don't want go 1-2-1 adopt this version of 2-3-2.

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  • It’s unremarkable. Fine for a snack or a drink. Typicaly pretty crowded.

  • Was downgraded from J to Y on a silk air flight SIN to Chennai some years back. Initially only offered the fare difference. I pushed a bit and got that, 500 sgd cash, and hotel/transport/meal because I was willing to fly the next morning in back in J. Thought that was quite a win. They had a stan...

  • Tipping at Qantas LAX First lounge?

    Jan 31, 2017, 01:25 PM

    Many have already pointed out that following local custom is a good way to go. As most of you know, we yanks tip for everything. Sorry if these points below have already been made.-American staff in a club lounge with such a large overseas user base will likely understand that not everyone passin...

  • Oneworld lounges in Singapore

    Jan 21, 2017, 08:14 AM

    I'm flying with Oneworld, out of Singapore, for the first time since BA upgraded its lounge. I'd appreciate thoughts on how it compares to the Qantas lounge.Note- Flying JAL in J, Emrald FF. No Concord room card, so wont be checking out their new "bar".Thank you

  • I've begun to put my wallet, passport, and watch (if I take it off) in a small satchel. It's slim enough to slide into the side wells where iPads/laptops go on many J seats, and can be slid discreetly into nooks and crannies when the seat is laid flat. I'll carry it to and from the toilet on the ...

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