Theft during flights: what precautions do you take?

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After a friend's wallet got cleaned out on a flight once, I now put my carry on in the lockers opposite the aisle in my line of sight where possible, not above my seat where I can't see.  Just wondering does anyone do any other sort of similar precautions?


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I always always carry my wallet/pport on me the entire trip.  

As soon as I leave the house it is the same pocket or around the neck until I arrive home. 
Maybe it's too much - but I don't care. 


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I've heard on Middle Eastern carries this occurs often in economy to and from the Emirates but uncertain the routes. Highly doubt to Europe but if some traveling from Dubai or UAE who previously came from a flight from other parts of the ME or West of Asia.... and this would be in Y. Of course I'm not discriminating but again I did feel uncomfortable on one leg to CDG from Abu Dhabi. 


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My wife had money taken from her purse on a QF flight to Tokyo, she had placed her purse under her seat
Funnily enough only the small value notes were taken
She was travelling in Y


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I've begun to put my wallet, passport, and watch (if I take it off) in a small satchel. It's slim enough to slide into the side wells where iPads/laptops go on many J seats, and can be slid discreetly into nooks and crannies when the seat is laid flat. I'll carry it to and from the toilet on the plain and in the lounge. 

A bit over the top perhaps, but beats a trip to the embassy, hours on the phone, and/or loss of high value items like watches or jewelry. 

I'm much more relaxed about electronics (probably to relaxed for this day in age), so if you have high value info on them then it's a good idea to take measures there too; be they digital, physical, or both. 

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Locked in cabin baggage  - simple!


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I carry my passport & wallet in my handbag, which is on footrest & never leaves my sight. When I take my jewellery / watch off I put them in a makeup bag & slip them into iPad holder alongside seat. When I go to the loo my handbag goes with me.  My hand luggage is stowed in designated seat locker above but is locked. 

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