Oneworld lounges in Singapore

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I'm flying with Oneworld, out of Singapore, for the first time since BA upgraded its lounge. I'd appreciate thoughts on how it compares to the Qantas lounge.

Note- Flying JAL in J, Emrald FF. No Concord room card, so wont be checking out their new "bar".

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The Qantas lounge is better on pretty much all counts. including fresh-cooked meals with two 'plate of the day' choices, delicious deserts, a tended bar for cocktails and a decent selection of wine, and champagne available for elite flyers. Much more room than the BA lounge. On the plus side the BA lounge is smaller and quieter.


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Go to the Qantas lounge for a meal, then pop over to the BA's to lounge around. The BA lounge is cosier.

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