"Virgin Australia privatisation talk hots up as Etihad struggles"

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This article by the AFR's well-connected and well-informed Michael Smith suggests that with Virgin Australia now having a 'free float' of less than 7% – with Etihad facing financial trouble which could lead to a sell-down or sell-out of its 21.8% stake – and with the opportunity for Singapore Airlines and Virgin's new Chinese chums HNA and Nanshan Group to each boost their stake – putting that all together, Smith posits that 2017 could see Virgin Australia end up being fully privatised (with no public shareholding).

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Whilst Virgin Australia's profitability might be questionable in the short term - as the article points out - Etihad's investments in Alitalia and Air Berlin are far more problematic and are most likely to be liquidated. One could also look with a keen eye at some other allied EY investments in the Indian subcontinent.

Certainly, with at least 3 'majors' involved with Virgin Australia's shareholding, it is not undeniable that Virgin will at some stage be delisted through total privatisation. However, I am not so convinced that the time has arrived.

It seems that the ME3 (EY, EK, QR) are coming in for a bit of a hard time and the cynics are out. Yes, EY's figures at DOH have been down a little in Oct/Nov 2015 (latest available figures) in line with overall DOH reduced pax loadings. But more worrying is the 75% downturn in EK's (Emirates) annual profit for 2016 vs 2015.

Whilst many airlines have declared record profits in the 2015/6 Financial Year, I suspect that the rose-coloured glasses will come off for FY 2016/7 as overcapacity and increased fuel rates start to kick in. Might be a very interesting year to watch for financial performance at all global airlines.

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Do you think if Etihad were to sell their shares in Virgin they would not resign once their code share agreement ends? I flew Etihad for the first time last year in J and was quite happy with the on board service, the 388 and the First Class lounge in Abu Dhabi! Would hate to have to stop flying. 

Side note: Although their 388 was great in J I came back on a 77W and the interiors were extremely dated!

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