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Qantas now offers the choice of either 8000 points or 50 SCs for every 500 SCs a member achieves.

From their T&Cs:

The Loyalty Bonus reward must be selected within 90 days from the date a member achieves the Loyalty Bonus. Once selected the reward cannot be changed.

At what date does this apply SCs?

For example:

Say I'm Gold status and need 600 points to requalify by 31 May. If I hit 500 SCs on 1 May then I have 90 days to choose 8000 points or 50 SCs. Say I don't choose straight away and hit 600 to requalify by 31 May, if then in June I selected the 50 SC option would that apply to the new year's requalification period? Or to the period that has just passed (which means the SCs are of no use)

It would seem wasteful to choose the 50 SC option as unless absolutely required to just get over the necessary requalification level, but if I could use it for the following year then it seems like that would be a good idea in case I don't do enough travel.


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I forgot about the 90-d window and selected the bonus status credits last week and it was processed into my account within 24hrs - I probably could have waited as I'm well on track to re-qualify for Platinum...

If you look at their T&C's - 90d is a long period to have as a selection window - clearly they anticipate members will want to make the selection that best fits their goals of retaining or moving up! 


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Is anybody able to confirm this please? I've already qualified to keep my platinum status for next year. My "Qantas year" ends on 30 November, so on 1 December my credits are reset to zero. I have until 31st December to claim my bonus. If I wait until after 1 December before claiming status credits, will they go on the new year's account or be backdated to the old one, which essentially make them worth nothing?


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Thanks in advance for any help!

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