When does Cathay Pacific open check-in at Melbourne airport?

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2 hr or 3 hr before flight?


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Googled for "cathay check in time melbourne"

First link is for Cathays website and shows:

Check-in Counter

Terminal 2, Departures - Level 1, Zone G, check-in counters 56-66

Opening hours

3 hours prior to scheduled departure time

(Check-in counters are closed punctually 40 minutes before scheduled departure time)


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The standard for international airlines is three hours before the flight.

However, Serg, if you are travelling without any checked luggage you can check in online and go to the airport much earlier – either proceed straight to the departures area (bypassing CX counters) or if an ID check of some sort is needed, go to the CX service desk.

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Even if you have checked bags sometimes CX check-in staff can put them onto your flight if you arrive very early. They have done this for me in Sydney, CX has four flights out of SYD each day so the check-in counter is almost always open. I arrive at SYD early in the morning for CX162 which departs 11.25am but I want to beat the traffic so I get there at 7am, they are open for CX110 but will check me in for CX162 and then I go to the Qantas First lounge for breakfast and brunch.


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Simple question: Are you flying in J, PEY or Y or holding any oneworld status? Check your bag online and go to find Baggage Drop-Off counter (Or J counter if you have J ticket or oneworld Ruby and higher or Marco Polo Club).

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