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My partner & I are wanting to book LAX to AKL in March using staff travel, however we can't check the loads on Air New Zealand. 

I was wondering if anyone knows if the two flights arriving in AKL from LAX are full, as we're booking confirmed from AKL to MEL with Emirates & don't wanna run the risk of missing the EK flight?



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Instead of providing just the month you may need to be more specific with dates and assuming you have are able to travel on any *A carrier then you might also like to keep your options open and look at UA (later flight times then NZ) from LAX to SYD or MEL. 

If you plan to leave LAX on a Saturday then I'd look at NZ19 via RAR as well.

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Ex flight attendant for one of NZs partners. I flew AKL LAX return several times no worries. But back then HOU did not exist as a route and so often it was 3x daily. The flight numbers NZ1/2 which continue to London are far more heavily booked than NZ5/6. And don't even bother trying for SFO or YVR. YVR goes weight restricted and is oversold. I was once removed from YVR at the gate as were direct air NZ Employees. One time coming home I caught the earlier LAX AKL flights and had plenty of spare seats the ladies at check in could not have been more nice, but other times I've flown via Australia. Good luck

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