booking two QF classic reward seats on same flight

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Hi there trusted experts,

I'm looking to book two tickets on Qantas - classic reward tickets Mel-Per, business class. As in, two paxtravelling together. 

For the day I wish to travel, the QF site shows ONE reward seat available on my preferred flight, and two on a different (non-preferred) flight. My question is whether there really is only one seat available or if the QF system only makes one seat available per booking query on certain (presumably more desirable) flights. [I'm only Bronze but I also checked using a Platinum member login, and no difference.]

To the point; is it possible/likely I could make two separate bookings of one ticket each on that preferred flight, or is there definitely only one seat available? I know Business is only 28 seats and QF is stingy on classic rewards. As implied above, I can use different accounts if that would help.

I don't want to make the first booking and then try to book again and find no availability, since then I'd probably want to cancel the first booking, at a cost of 6,000 points.

Many thanks for any advice, opinions, or truth-bombs.


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Have you even bothered to pick up the phone and call Qantas? The awards phone staff are very friendly and helpful and will be able to quickly tell you the answer.

That being said if the system is only showing one seat to you then that's most likely the case. Maybe closer to the flight a 2nd seat will open up but I wouldn't count on it.

With 7+ daily Qantas flights, just pick one which doesn't only have one seat left.

Chris C.

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Have you even bothered to pick up the phone and call Qantas?

Henrus: The poster is asking a legitimate and reasonable question. While the bulk of your answer is helpful, the attitude at the beginnning is unnecessary.

Stuart Jackson

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In my experience more often than not as long as your not traveling at a peak time of day you will get an upgrade if requested. If there is only one classic seat showing atm that's all that's available if two were it would show two.


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Hi Henrus,

Well, I did pre-emptively thank respondents for any truth bombs, so I guess I led with my chin. :-)  In any case, thanks for the thoughts and advice. Nope, I haven't called as yet, but will give it a try - although I must add that in my experience the on-hold times can be long and the staff of limited help. But worth a shot. And, yep, you're right, taking the other flight won't ruin my day, but then, aren't we on sites like this to help us to wring the best possible experience out of our travels?

Chris - thanks. Don't think I worded my second-last sentence very well, but nice to know that overall it was a reasonable effort. :-)

Stuart - thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.


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You'll find the wait time when you call depends on status, so if you have a family member that is P and can book for you on their points it will be easier.  You should also check the aircraft to try to ensure that you are getting an A330 and not a 737 and be aware that QF can change the aircraft type at any time.


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Hi Greg,

Thanks for the advice. Yep, I checked aircraft and it is currently an A330 but I know all too well that that can change - although changes seem to be infrequent now on coast-to-coast, right?

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