China Southern Business Class for $2300

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Fares for SYD-CAN Return in mid-May.

Anyone tried CZ before? This fare looks pretty attractive, or at least 40% less than what SQ ($4000) or CX ($4300, SYD-HKG) ask for.

Seats? OK. Not good as all CX flights or SQ A380/77W offer, but certainly better than dreadful SQ A330/773.
Since this is a CZ/QF codeshare, same old rules apply: Book with QF, get SC. Book with CZ, only get FF points.


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China Southern at $2,300.00 vs QF codeshare on the same flight at $4033 min?

As much as I love QF, I'd say that's a huge penalty to pay for QF status credits. Same aircraft, same on-board service.

Yes, I've flown CZ SYD-CAN-SYD in J class A330-300 (it varies between a -200 and -300) and also on the CAN-JFK-CAN B777-300ER service in J as part of the same trip.

  • Seat comfortable. Adequate for sleeping, sitting or lounging. Not super high tech, but acceptable.
  • Great doonas. Reasonably good at-seat storage, excellent overhead storage.
  • Very good 'selected breads' basket offered for each menu. Mid-flight snacks always available and offered liberally.
  • Food - choice of western and Chinese cuisine (Western menu has Chinese influence in it though)
  • On-board optional tea-ceremony / tasting. Impressive.
  • Reasnonable free-pour alcohol selection with champagne, (Aust/NZ/Chilean/French) wines, beers - QF wins here, but not by much. 
  • Flight attendants are attentive and spoke good English. They don't 'disappear' after service.
  • J class Amenity pack is a bit basic in content - but then QF's J class one is also.
  • PJ's not available on SYD-CAN-SYD on daylight flights. Not sure about 'red eyes'.
  • Toilets (in J) were immaculate and cleaned after every use.
  • You don't get to souvenir the J class F&B menus, unless you're very quick (and claim 'indecision')
  • Noise cancelling headsets
  • Reasonable IFE - selection of blockbuster US films, some 'art-house' European, 1 or 2 Russian, a heap of Chinese films ... and a good selection of Chinese 'destination' travelogues. Small number of popular US TV shows (2-3 episodes each title from a selection of approx. 5).
  • Lounge in Guangzhou is showing it's age - but is still a comfortable refuge from the main terminal. Clean and has good recliner loungers at the windows overlooking the terminal. Good showers and amenity packs.
  • Finding Scotch is interesting - usually found 'chilled' in the lounge mini-bars!
  • Has an enclosed, detached and separately well air-conditioned 'smoker lounge', if you indulge.
  • Priority SkyTeam policies are followed. Upon alighting your flight in CAN, English language J Class assistance personnel are available and plentiful for help/advice on the jetbridge / gate, if Cantonese is not your preference.
  • Priority luggage unloaded before all others.

All in all, I was quite impressed with the manner in which CZ presented it's international product. Service levels are similar to (or marginally better than) QF - but with a Cantonese flavour. Would I do it again? Yes, most definitely in international. Some Domestic routes can be a bit 'hit and miss' - and improved English skills at the CZ CS check-in desks for Domestic could be better. For the price, it is well worth it, IMHO.

By the way, if you do a search on 'China Southern' on AUSBT, you'll find quite a few articles.

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