Virgin Australia Melbourne to Hong Kong

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If this comes off, do you think they will do an all Virgin Kangaroo route with Virgin Atlantic?


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I doubt it. Given HNA is a key shareholder of VA, I image the idea would be to time the VA HKG flight to connect with HK Airline flights to Mainland China and maybe other Asian ports.


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We suspect the flight to Hong Kong will arrive mid-morning for connections into mainland China, although of course there'd be nothing to stop you from have a day in Hong Kong and then hopping onto the Virgin Atlantic service to London. But the Virgin Australia service shouldn't really be seen as a Kangaroo Route play of any sort.

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Virgin Atlantic pulled the plug on HKG-SYD because it wasn't financially viable to run that leg of LHR-HKG-SYD. Don't know that that will have changed (although VA does have a habit of running loss-making international routes).

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