QF & EK checking bags through on diff booking no's

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Question - flying bne-hkg on a paid QF flight. Then 6hour stop over before getting on an EK flight hkg-dxb (seperate booking no# paid for by qf points). Then 4hour stop over in dxb before getting on another EK flight dxb-bcn (again seperate booking no# paid for by qf points). Can my bags be checked from bne all the way to bcn ? 


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Short answer - most likely no. The official policy says not to, but the check in person may take pity on you.

If you are a platinum or gold FF, I would call the assistance line, and see if they will put all of the sectors onto the one reference number - if they will do that for you, then the bags will be checked all the way through.


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If you have a booking on points and a connecting flight on a commercial ticket, it should be possible to check your baggage through, as this is one of the exceptions from not interlining baggage on two different PNRs.  I (Platinum status) recently had a major disagreement over this with QF (CBR-SYD-JNB on points on QF and JNB-WDH on SA on a commercial ticket, two different PNRs), but finally the supervisor agreed that this situation is an exception to the rule (as a frequent flyer points booking was involved) and checked my baggage through to the final destinations.  

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