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  • Bit of a grey area - but what I did earlier this year on a bonus points offer when the same thing happened to me, was to take a credit rather than cancel the flight. The credit was issued with the same booking number and then the rebooking still kept the same booking reference, and I got the bonu...

  • Taxi to the centre of the CBD is cheap - around $30 Canadian, and the AUD is pretty much at parity.

  • Have I won Qantas lotto?

    May 10, 2019, 08:19 AM

    you should have treated that like fight know now someone from Qantas will do a check lol.I've had similar - and it does seem once the extra credits are in your account they don't take them back.

  • Remember, this would not have been the only flight that was diverted - so it probably bad luck that this flight got Melb. And as the weather band also included Brisbane, it may not have been possible to divert to there. And of course, any long haul flights that needed diverting usually get priori...

  • They won’t hand them out, but if you ask they will usually get you a set. And ratrace, you use the pj’s in case you spill your champagne lol

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