• There is a slight flaw in these types of articles - the exchange rate that the banks do on your credit card is not the same as the prevailing rate on the currency sites- the banks are taking a margin as well. I had a cancelled transaction at a hotel once where they did the bill incorrectly - and ...

  • This is fairly common across the world - love using it with Cathay in HKG. Kiosks are more than capable of checking passports (just like smart gate).

  • More than the seats, a decent ratio of toilets.... especially if the airline offers PJ's, as the line to change is huge.

  • depends on which part of the govt. Councils etc. yes, not sure about ATO

  • For the Victorians out there, this is done under "The Bank of Melbourne" brand here.

  • Taxi to the centre of the CBD is cheap - around $30 Canadian, and the AUD is pretty much at parity.

  • Have I won Qantas lotto?

    May 10, 2019, 08:19 AM

    you should have treated that like fight club.........you know now someone from Qantas will do a check lol.I've had similar - and it does seem once the extra credits are in your account they don't take them back.

  • Remember, this would not have been the only flight that was diverted - so it probably bad luck that this flight got Melb. And as the weather band also included Brisbane, it may not have been possible to divert to there. And of course, any long haul flights that needed diverting usually get priori...

  • They won’t hand them out, but if you ask they will usually get you a set. And ratrace, you use the pj’s in case you spill your champagne lol

  • Originally Posted by GAAN And I was just about to move to Virgin... QF Lifetime Gold, mostly Platinum.. Full fare. carry one regulation size cabin bag which weighs 8.5kg, but had to check in. Could have wasted space with 2 x 7kg. But no, macbook air, 1 change of clothes, board papers, shorts tee...