Have I won Qantas lotto?

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I've recently had two what appear to be errors work in my favour and I'm wondering if anyone has experienced either?

1: I didn't maintain my Platinum status so bounced down to Gold this year. My Qantas app recognises this except within my bookings. Still shows Platinum. So when I check in for flights online / in person my boarding passes show / print Platinum Emerald.
Happens to flights booked when Platinum last year but also new flights booked this year as Gold.
I have taken advantage of this at the lounges. No other Platinum privileges are applied; points, greetings by crew in flight etc.
2. I recently flew flights booked during the 2018 double SC promo. I received the SC, then the bonus double SC then a second bonus lot of SC. I keep checking to see if they get taken away but they remain.


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you should have treated that like fight club.........you know now someone from Qantas will do a check lol.

I've had similar - and it does seem once the extra credits are in your account they don't take them back.


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1. That can happen sometimes. Some systems are updated but a glitch in the system means that some aren't. Eventually it'll probably get corrected, but until then...

2. Some others have reported this happening for them as well. I'm guessing it wouldn't be easy for QF to take away the extra lot of SC erroneously credited so I suspect they'll probably remain.


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I had a similar situation also with Gold - Silver


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So does that mean you’re like P1 with those 3 DSC now? :p


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They can cancel SCs manually. I had an issue with QF where they failed to credit me bonus SCs which I earned just before my reset date. I eventually managed to convince them to credit them (in the new membership year) so that they would count towards lifetime Gold but then they cancelled them out against the new year's status straight away.

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