• Originally Posted by ahhm1980 Agreed, this isn't the forum for a rant. If it were I would rant about people that use made up words like “ Irregardless “ yes same

  • On the contrary - one of my best flights ever was a Premium Economy flight on QF - JFK>LAX>SYD. Its like anything, sometimes you get good service sometimes you don't. As you've mentioned you take a minimum of 12 QF flights a month, and you've only seen reason to complain about one of them....

  • Originally Posted by traveller99 It's still plane food. Reheated food. No better than average cafe food. Get something freshly cooked at the lounge / airport then sleep on the plane. I agree with this - The best part of flying in a premium cabin is the fact that you can sleep.The food, generally...

  • yes they will

  • Qantas rants

    Jun 24, 2019, 08:50 AM

    My favourite type of rant, someone ranting about people ranting. #inception