Jetstar 3hr scheduled delay, days before departure

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Hi All,

I have an upcoming Jetstar flight to Bali (Syd-Bali) on the 26th that is currently showing up with a 3.05hr delay. I travel quite a bit and I don't really mind if a flight is delayed but just as a precaution...

If the flight is delayed any longer then that, can I request to be moved to an earlier flight on Qantas? Their policy says if there is a significant delay or cancelation they will move to the next available flight but Jetstar only has one flight a day from Sydney.

Again If I'm delayed then so be it, however I was really hoping to get in on time as I have a few thing planed that night. Ive only flown 1-2hrs with Jetstar and never had a concern, decent service. Any ideas or experience with things like this would be welcome.




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There is no way they will move you to an earlier flight on qantas, that is the whole point of low cost airlines. If they are telling you this three days out it is a scheduling delay. Time to cancel those things you have planned. Best to assume when traveling, half a day or more delay particularly if flying low cost as that is part of the deal (low cost that is).


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Not sure about a delay, but I was once booked on a JQ flight MEL-SIN in J.
The flight was cancelled, and I was moved to a QF flight also in J. So the JQ-QF move can happen.

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