• There are now no flights anywhere so it is all moot. I have a whole bunch for later in the year (all after May 31) so we shall see!!!

  • Bulkhead!!!

  • Originally Posted by fnorman There appear to be at least 3 general situations as follows:1. Cancellation by QF: QF flight is cancelled and no reasonable alternative offered > REFUND2. Cancellation requested by passenger: a traveller cancels their flight because they don't want to travel anymor...

  • School trip - access money

    Feb 29, 2020, 03:25 PM

    I use the qantas cash card quite a bit and it works well. I also have a Citibank card but that would be a hassle getting just for three weeks.

  • QF P1 - is it worth it?

    Feb 29, 2020, 07:24 AM

    Skoffman, I'm P rather than P1 and the benefits are clear and I presume more reliable at P1. Points upgrades probably close to assured; In cabin surprise upgrades more frequent; seating further forward; upgrades announced further out; negligible wait on call centres; more generous waivers of fees...