• Glideslope qantas has four slots but two are leased to BA and presumably BA would want a year or so notice to give them back. I hope that clarifies things.

  • Apologies Phil, the comment was not meant to be snide but simply a view that if I have to google something then the point of the communication is lost. These days (at least according to some dictionaries) the term acronym can be used for any such abbreviated communications. The acronym MGQ would ...

  • Dear oh dear Phil and acronyms. What or where is MGQ?

  • Like others I don't think the Perth London flight will be affected by the Sydney London direct btu the QF1/2 may be scaled back to a 789 to keep the increase in capacity within bounds.

  • Every time I have used Perth London it has come in at 4.30 half an hour early so the schedule won't be put out too much and dropping 90 pax may still be cheaper than a stop. The Dallas flight often drops 100 and still remains one of the most profitable. I think qantas maybkeep a lower load on Lon...

  • I was in business yesterday and there was a jug of water in the front lounge area and they came through topping up the bottle quite regularly. When I was awake I noticed them come through a couple of times so I think it is every couple of hours. I filled my bottle three times.

  • I think the lesson here is to collect water etc yoursel from the self service area if you are very thirsty as I have been when missing the walk throughs which while frequent can be easily missed in the dark. I have never had a problem with water access but as one who can easily go through 1-2litr...

  • I agree I knocked back a voucher in favour of the lounge and a big mistake. I should've taken the voucher.

  • You can ask Emirates flight crew if they have passes. They have them for Dubai and have given them to me as a platinum flying in economy, not that it makes much difference, but they may not have such an arrangement in Bangkok but as they say ‘don't ask, don't get'.

  • Summer menu for Qantas first lounge

    Jan 19, 2020, 10:20 AM

    Joe the term first class lounge is a misnomer, very few of the people in there have ever flown first class. So people like me, in cattle class, like to eat well before we board.