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  • Originally Posted by Turnblatt Originally Posted by GBRGB The last time I spoke to QF about my unused QC membership they couldn’t even find it in the system, about 2 and a half years worth of a 4 year membership that I paid for in 2014 and then made gold in 2015 and each year since, luckily...

  • Originally Posted by XWu More people are looking to travel overseas for the first time since 2020 but the airline/airport services are still a hit and miss for some, particularly with connecting flights and terminal transfers etc in AustraliaFor those who have the time and the community spirit to...

  • QF Call Centre - Horrendous

    Nov 13, 2022, 06:18 PM

    Even as platinum I’m getting a South African call centre and they have been excellent for my (self inflicted) complicated re-ticketing. They had to check with someone to approve it (and save me money); but they were brilliant and I gave them 5/5 on the survey at the end of the call.

  • This has been an industrial issue for Australian crew, for all of this hence the NZ crews. A shortage of 787s is the reason.

  • JFK-AKL problem for Air NZ

    Oct 24, 2022, 08:21 PM

    Originally Posted by readosunnycoast Originally Posted by Sibelius Part of the problem seems to be that Air NZ simply has too many seats on its 787s for such a long-haul flight. I think their 787s have close to 300 seats (compare with Qantas’ 787s which have 236 seats and which therefore ta...

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