Heathrow Lounges T5 and T3

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My family and I are flying from Los Angeles to Heathrow this summer. We are supposed to land on T5 and then catch our 2nd flight from T5 to our final destination. We are flying business class on American Airlines, but the both flights are operated by British Airways.

We have a 7h layover. We would like to use lounges in T3.

Question: Is it possible to use one of the T3 lounges when our 2nd flight leaves from T5?



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No it is not possible, you will have to stay in T5.



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You need a boarding pass for that terminal to enter another terminal. So going there airside is not possible. There are wider choices of lounges at terminal three but sorry ‘no can do’ as they say.


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BA lounge at T5 is not that bad - at least the Platinum one. Not as good as Qantas First or Cathay First, but 'ok'. At least it has decent champagne.

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