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I am flying SYD-LAX on VA as a platinum member. I paid for the Space+ seats (2 off). I recently read that this is offered complimentary to elite FFs? Does anyone know if it's true? Also, anyone tried their luck for an upgrade at check-in and was offered it? If not, what is typically the starting price point for the upgrade on this sector? Thanks in advance!


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Economy X as they are now known is only complimentary on domestic and trans-tasman.  But you are out of luck for LAX.  Check in upgrades are fairly mythical these days.  Your probably better putting a bid me upgrade in..  and they start at $800 for PE one way. 


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The first few rows on the 773s have extra space since business and PE were upgraded.  I flew them in March (before these rows were branded space x), but you still had to pay extra for these few rows.  I was 'upgraded to the front row middle. It's a terrible spot, close to the toilets and not great. So I made sure I was put back into the standard economy seat I wanted.

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