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Now that VA have cut back their daily BNE - LAX flights to to six per week, I'm wondering if anyone else is flying QF more often. I do this leg about 4 times per year, and definately prefer VA's 773 to QFs 744.  But, now that the LAX - BNE Friday night flight (getting in on Sunday morning) has been dropped, I'm switching to QF when my choice is either go via Sydney (adding 4 hours to the trip) or leave Saturday night, getting in Monday morning.

So I flew QF last month, and my next two trips to Boston and NYC will both with be with QF as well. 

I would have thought that if you had to drop a flight, you'd not want it to be a Friday night one.  This must be impacting VA?

Poll: Will you stay with VA and fly via Sydney/Melbourne back to Brisbane or do the whole trip with QF


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With only 5 aircraft suitable for Pacific flights, VA can't run Saturday morning departures from SYD, MEL and BNE and Friday night departures from LAX back to those cities.  They have a great product to LAX,  with arguably the best J, PE and Y with the X rows.  If they are making a profit on LA then adding one more aircraft would seem to be a good move for VA.

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