Schedule doesnt allow for problems!

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I note that the schedule for the new 787 flights particularly  LHR - PER - MEL - LAX is very tight with only 90 min turnarounds  at Perth  and Melbourne. Going to be very hard to maintain  schedule if any delays or diversions.Does anybody  know what Qantas are planning as Alternate  for Perth inbound?. As far as i know nearest alternate  airport  is Learmonth. Does their 787 have range to fly London to Perth, hold for a while, then divert? How is aircraft going to manage delays inbound to Heathrow due weather?


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The same way they turn around a 747 at JFK in 1.5 hours, they don't. Look at today's QF12 from JFK, over an hour late. Nothing that QF does allows for problems, we just book and hope. 


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90 minutes should be achievable in Per and Mel for that size of aircraft, however, if there is a delay it will roll on into following segments rather than being taken up by schedule slack.  Would be a good reason to choose QF 93 for MEL-LAX if you plan to connect onward from LA.  The 787 will arrive late in the day in LA, so it is not aimed at passengers headed significantly further east.  I think it will be very popular for PER-LAX.

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