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Hi all; 

Im planning RTW trip for sept preferably in business class (4-5stops). Since this wil be my first rtw trip, can anyone recomend a local website that they have used or should i stick w a travel agent? 

Ive seen Finnair (oneworld) syd-la-jfk-hel-bkk-syd selling for around 5k. 




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I went through Roundabout travel and I was unable to match their quote myself (and I tried hard!). They specialise in RTW fares including the Finnair one.

I opted for a Lufthansa ticket - Brisbane-Sydney-Delhi-Frankfurt-Lisbon-Frankfurt-Sao Paulo and then Buenos Aires-Auckland-Brisbane. Cost about $6.5k, though I think South America raises the cost. It also wasn't the *ideal* itinerary for me as I would have liked to fly directly from Lisbon to Belem in Brazil with TAP (a Lufthansa partner) but this wasn't allowed on the fare (though both my intra-European flights are on TAP). So I had to tack on my own fare from São Paulo to Belem. I also added flights to Suriname, Mauritania and Kyrgyzstan which has allowed me to hit up lots of countries for under $10k.

They're complex tickets to book, so I recommend the agent. At least get a quote and try to match it yourself.

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