Best seats for Qantas QF 63 to Johannesburg

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hey there!  -plan to take daytime flight QF63 to JNB in Nov, after MEL SYD, using AA miles; any tips on seating (A,B,C ) or is it all hype due to the southern route to JNB?

How close does it come to the S. Circle 66° 33' '?  Getting to MEL from NYC via N Circle 66° 33'.   Thx


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Hi, I travel this route often and the A side of the aircraft SYD-JNB is the side to be on if you are after a view of the ice. Just be aware that even though it is a day time flight you will be put to bed with all shades down. On the many occasions I've traveled this route and looked through the window at what time looks best it is either cloudy or I've slept through the chance to see. I do believe it is a spectacular view if the conditions (weather, routing) are right. Just be mindful that if you lift those shades at your seat light will flood into the cabin which may bother some people who are trying to rest. Maybe try the emergency door window at the back of the aircraft or if your flying business in one of the older 747 with the old first class use the toilet as there is a window inside!


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Just be aware that while the southernmost routing is possible on QF63, it is actually quite rare. Most flights will cross on an arc closer to the Kerguelen Islands, in which case Antarctica won't be in sight. Sit on the left hand side of the aircraft just in case you get lucky, and keep a keen eye on airshow. 


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I agree with others to sit on the A side of the aircraft.  I have seen ice and Antarctica several times on this route although this was about 5 years ago now.  I was able to take some amazing photos out of the windows in Business class.  Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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